Kathryn Gilkison







The amount of love and support we have received from family, friends and strangers, continues to amaze and overwhelm me.


I have written a collection of poetry, which gives a voice to some of my feelings around the loss of Shelley and the whole process from setting off to find her, bringing her home and attempting to cope with this loss in my life. It is also a kind of thank you and gift to those people who have been moved by Shelley’s death.   If you have accessed this web site, some of these words will be for you.  I also feel compelled to  call on us all, as part of the global family, to seek ways, other than war, to sort out our differences and to acknowledge that each death affects someone’s family somewhere.


The book is available exclusively from the Women’s Bookshop, 105 Ponsonby Road, Auckland, N.Z.   It is available on line, world-wide via their web site:    The price is NZ $19.95 incl gst.


All profits for the book sale will be donated to Amnesty International an organization Shelley supported. Below is a copy of the cover and a couple of the poems, which might give you some idea of the book.



riding in a Mercedes

touring the South Island


my roots

my birthplace


looking through my Dior eyes


your eyes

your Diors


looking through your Dior  eyes


I drink you in

feel you here


glimpses of you

flash vivid


the laugh

the look


my beautiful girl


the world is bleak

without you in it


looking out through my Dior eyes


awash with tears

I weep for you


my beautiful girl

my darling daughter


riding in a Mercedes – eyes shut

I see you my beautiful girl.





I am becoming

technically adept

(unlikely though that is)


 I am saving all your emails                                                              

burning them to cd


they just



after your Glastonbury  Tales


and I hate that


I have them all

three years of connectedness


and nary a grumble


I said I would ring you

on the weekend


there wasn’t  one


your voicemail still works


I sometimes call


I will keep writing too


I can’t bear it to end







Tributes to






Those who


were  murdered


with Shelley