I have not added the names of those making the tributes as they are personal and it is not for me to publish names without first discussing it.  Many will recognise their tribute. If they want me to insert their name I am happy to do so. Just send me an email













Tributes to






Those who were murdered












Your happy smile and your vibrance will live for ever in our memories. Your character, so strong and determined will continue to inspire us.”



“Shelley embraced life and had a smile for everyone”



“She was a vibrant, happy and not afraid to do anything young lady”



“She was always the life of wherever she went”



“The compassion with which Shelley provided me, her strong love and support … is unsurpassable. Shelley was there for me at a time when I could not bear to speak to anyone else, one of the darkest periods of my life”



“She is truly one of the most loving and giving people I have ever known, and it was a pleasure to shared time with her.”



“Shelley was a vibrant and wonderfully feisty girl who stood up for herself and what she believed in. I really admired that and I am proud that I knew her.”



Shelley was a great, loyal friend. I have really found memories of the fun we had together. Shelley was a happy, positive and intelligent soul”



“I knew Shelley as a lovely woman and she was loving and caring ….. . Shelley got on with life and was a happy bubbly person who didn’t let anything hold her back.”



“I admired Shelley for her strong character which showed in so many ways”



“She was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met”



“She was a really lovely, genuine person and was kind to everyone”



“I only knew and meet her for a brief time. But one thing I will remember about Shelley is her “kiwi” attitude to life and smile “



“Always polite gentle and bright, who knew family was special, and respected others rights”



“Shelley was the tour manager of my European trip. She made it incredibly memorable. Her endless energy and smile kept us going on the long bus trip across Europe. I will never forget her.”



“She was an outstanding student who in her final year gained a Scholarship in History. I was so proud of her.”



“We will always remember Shelley for her strength of character (far too old for her years sometimes) – she was such a smart girl, I only wish I could’ve been like her!



Shelley will be a small part of every person she ever met as we are sure, while she was overseas, she touched everyone she met, the same way she did back home”



“I remember her being very smart, very witty, and very warm. We had so many laughs together and she had a brilliant sense of humour. I have been reading all the ways in which other people have described her since the papers came out over the weekend and they are all just so true and I do not know what I can add to others’ superlatives in remembrance of her – so I just thought I would add it was a privilege to have known her and I regret hugely that I will not have the chance to catch up with her in the future”



“I remember vividly the time she was born down in Invercargill and the struggle she had as a baby. She was a little doll”



“Shelley was an enthusiastic (sometimes to enthusiastic!), energetic and extremely knowledgeable tour manager. She had an answer for almost every historical, political or cultural question anyone could ask her and her adventurous nature was an inspiration to many on the tour. For many  of us it was our first time in Europe and Shelley helped to make it an experience we will never forget, always being considerate of everyone in the group, helping to keep everyone involved and interacting and making sure we experienced to the full what each country had to offer.”



“She was a sensitive and passionate individual with a witty sense of humour and always a proud New Zealander.”



“At the age of 26 she has seen and experienced the world in a way in which most people do not achieve in an lifetime”



“I just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know your daughter was a beautiful spirit, she was enjoying every minute of her life through travel”



“I loved Shelley’s sensible ways. She always came across so calm and under control”



“Shelley was my tour manager. She taught me so much about Europe and was a great fun person to lead the way. I remember her telling all of us “that we are in Italy now … and whatever you may think, it is ok to have a gelato every day!



She really made my first trip to Europe the best ever, and I will always remember her for that!



I think anyone who had Shelley as a tour manager will remember her the same way I did, and she will be forever missed”



“We all remember the young girl next door. She was a true lover of books and forever smiling. She grew into a beautiful, independent and kind hearted young woman”



“Shelley was an amazing person whose bright smile lit up a room.”



“I miss you Shelley and I know that hundreds if not thousands of others will too. You were not only an inspiration but a comforting light for me as we travelled around Europe



“I would trust Shelley with my life.



Shelley was a wonderful person with a quirky sense of humour and led a full life. If there is one thing her life has taught me, it is the virtue of generosity; and gratitude for everything I have in my life.



I want to thank Shelley for touching my life, for helping me grow and for being a very good friend”



“Kiwi Shel as we called her was the most genuine, forthright and friendliest person you would ever wan tot meet.”



“What a fun loving, genuine person she was. We would laugh for hours!



I will forever remember her as the beautiful, lively girl that brought happiness to many”



“Shelley was a hard case who called a spade a spade and who was a highly respected club member”



“Shelley was a lovely, friendly person. Very outgoing and good fun is how I will remember her”



“Shelley was such a lovely, bright and bubbly girl who always had a friendly word or a joke to share”



“Shelley was one of the nicest ladies I had ever met. …always had a great big smile on her face and was very informing with the history of the city we were in. … Shelley brought a lot of joy”



“Shelley did her family and country proud.



The number of lives that she has touched in her own unique way will live on in many people around the world.



Shelley’s passion and enthusiasm will live with me forever.



As an Australian I would like to say Shelley has done the ANZAC tradition proud with her courage and the way she went about representing New Zealand in her role as a tour manager”



“Shelley was always so vibrant and full of energy.



I would just like to say how sorry I am for the loss of such a wonderful person”



“I will always remember Shelley as a very intelligent, bubbly, humorous person and for her determination to travel the world.



I am very proud to have known her and she will remain in the hearts of those who have met her, forever.”



“Shelley was such a fun and outgoing person, … she touched many lives with her enthusiasm and passion … .”



“I know how much fun Shelley was to be around and nothing seemed to bother her.



I will always remember her infectious smile”



“Shelley was living life to the full in London and was rarely without a smile on her face … and on the faces of those around her. She had a real appetite for fun and was often the life of the party”



“Shelley was just so much fun and a beautiful person who went out of her way to please everyone.”



“A vibrant caring person”



“Shelley was my tour manager. I have many fond memories of her. Firstly she amazed me by learning the names of all 51 one of us within the first couple of days, and then followed that up by learning something personal about each of us, she had an engaging and colourful way of introducing us to the history of and geography of Europe; she gave fantastic advice on the best things to do and see wherever we happened to be, as well as the best place to buy masks in Venice and she also introduced me to those puzzle rings from Florence. I remember her smiling face right from the very first early morning when we left London, and then all the way through the tour to our last night at Moulin Rouge in Paris. It truly made my experience all the more special to have Shelley as my tour manager; what a difference it makes to have such an enthusiastic and energetic person to introduce some of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world”



“The Shelley I knew was such a lovely, kind-hearted, bubbly person and I feel privileged to have known her for the short period I did”



“At our first meeting I knew what a quality lady Shelley was who I have lovely memories sharing hot chocolate, cigarettes, coffees, wine, conversation and friendship with”



“I’m so sad to have lost such a wonderful friend, she was a remarkable girl, so fun and full of spirit.



We won’t be able to see here lovely face, with her grin and laugh and way with words. She was the life of any social gathering and could talk about anything until the cows come home!



All we can do is remember her cherish her memory and the lovely spirit that is Shelley Mather



“Shelley was always the life of wherever we went, and the biggest delight to come home to.



The compassion and support Shelley provided me though a difficult period is unsurpassable. Shelley was there for me when I could not bear to anyone else, one of the darkest periods of my life.



She is truly one of the most loving and giving people I have ever known, and it is a pleasure to have shared time with her.”



“Shelley was and always will be such a beautiful person and that’s why she was so easy to love”



“Shelley was a truly unique individual”



“Shelley was a wonderful person and led a full and exciting life. Her life taught me the virtue of generosity and gratitude for everything in my on life. I ant to thank Shelley for touching my life, for helping me grow, for introducing me to London and most of all, for being a very good friend.”



“I hope one day we can meet again and we can enjoy what Shelley liked the best – Living life to the Fullest !!”